A Letter from the President

A letter from the President:

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome.

I would like to start this letter by thanking you personally for visiting our website. Without the help of amazing people such as yourself our organization could not exist. Thank you.

Since starting this endeavor in 2017 I could never have imagined half of the amazing opportunities that would be presented to us or the fantastic people we would have the opportunity to work with.
Our Rock the Shop! fundraiser in February of 2018 showcased the generosity of our community and set the standard for what a ‘fundraiser’ can be! With the momentum generated by that event we moved forward into a partnership with the local chapter of a National Non-Profit Organization in order to accelerate our timeline and get a veteran housed sooner.

The support we received was overwhelming! Volunteers donated days of their time to help with packing, organizing, and moving a 65-year old Army veteran out of his home. This gentleman had run out of options and had nowhere else to turn, and our community came through for him! The home we had lined up with the partner organization was all set for him to move into. Until it wasn’t. Through an unfortunate combination of miscommunication and crossed-wires that home ended up being unavailable for the veteran to move into. Rather than leave our veteran in the lurch Veterans Housing USA covered the expense of a long-term-stay hotel, all moving and storage costs for his property, and even had two alternative housing solutions lined up as contingencies.
“Life” happens, as is so often the case, and while the veteran ultimately decided to move out of state and make his own way, our organization worked tirelessly every step of the way and I take great pride in the services and support Veterans Housing USA was able to provide.
When that project didn’t work out the momentum we had generated as an organization unfortunately ran out. Suddenly these numerous, amazing opportunities we were being presented with became too many to keep track of and, combined with a serious lack of manpower, prompted a change of course for Veterans Housing USA. For the second half of 2018 a massive revamp of our mission, short- and long-term goals, and most importantly, our board, was in order.

It worked!

As we moved into 2019 Veterans Housing USA had expanded our board to a solid five-man team. That number continues to grow, and we are aiming for twelve members by the end of 2019. We also secured an amazing grant from The Grand Traverse Band 2% Fund. We had a lofty fundraising goal for 2018 and this grant reached that goal in one fell swoop. I want to take a moment to personally thank The Band again for their incredible generosity. Thank you!
With that grant and a powerhouse of a Board leading us into this new year you can expect to see great things from Veterans Housing USA!
Our flagship project is slated to launch in the summer of ’19 and will house veterans right here in Grand Traverse County at a truly affordable rate. Through partnerships with local organizations we will expand our Education branch and help to get the correct information to our veterans when it comes to home buying. And more!

There are exciting things on the horizon for Veterans Housing USA and I want to personally invite you along for the ride. Without your help and support we would not, and could not, continue this vital mission: Making affordable housing for veterans a reality in Northern Michigan.

Thank you,

Mike Griffith
Veterans Housing USA, INC.

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