Our Mission

While there are many fantastic organizations dedicated to helping veterans with almost all aspects of their transition out of the military, there are few that offer truly affordable housing options.

Veterans Housing USA: a mission that is two-part

First – provide affordable housing for our veterans

Through the generous donations of our community members and local business leaders, Veterans Housing USA aims to acquire homes and properties throughout Northern Michigan, starting in Traverse City, and make those homes available to veterans and their families who need them. Affordably.

It’s a simple plan and that’s the point. We believe the more paperwork involved, the more steps to take; the harder a process has to be. This makes everything longer and more arduous for the veterans you’re trying to help.
That doesn’t make any sense to us…

So how can you help? Donate.

It really is that simple.
Any and all cash donations go directly towards purchasing a property for a veteran.
Item donations will be used as prizes for our upcoming events. This will (hopefully!) generate finances that will be, again, put towards the purchase of a property.
Of course, they may also be used directly by us, or in some other way to further the primary goal: purchasing a property and housing a veteran.
If all else fails and all you can afford to do it donate your time or help spread the word, that’s totally fine! Our biggest ‘ask’ of our volunteers and donors is that they tell anyone and everyone about us. Literally!
By spreading the word you’re making people aware, and that’s the first step!
Hopefully from there they will want to get involved, attend an event or maybe even donate themselves!

Second – Establish an “alternative housing solution” network

This is exactly what it sounds like and let me tell you why.
I recently had a veteran contact me. This gentleman was polite, articulate, and frantic! He was residing in a trailer and that was sufficient for his needs. However, with winter coming, he was worried about his pipes freezing.
In this instance, this gentleman stated that even a heated pole barn would be sufficient. All he needed, at least, was a way to stop his pipes freezing.
By putting him in touch with someone who had a heated pole barn to offer, we would have provided this veteran with a housing solution. An alternative one at that, but now you see the reason for the name!
(He was fortunately able to find a solution that suited him better)

This network will be 100% voluntary and volunteer driven. Sign up is optional and there are no obligations. We only ask if you choose to be a part of this network that you please make an effort to stay active.
We understand that ‘life’ happens and situations change. For this reason, or any other, just shoot us an email!

If you have a room available for any amount of time, maybe just a couch to sleep on for the weekend, let us know.
Got a heated pole barn or other outbuilding? Great! Shoot us an email!
If you can think of any other crazy, zany, or just plain creative way that you can help house a veteran for any amount of time, please get in touch with us!

This ‘Alternative Housing Solution (AHS)’ Network will be coordinated through email, primarily.
If you would like to SIGN UP, please visit our ‘Contact‘ page and let us know!



About Mike

Mike Griffith immigrated to the US from England when he was 12 and, after enlisting in the Marine Corps at the age of 18, earned his US citizenship in 2011.

When he was Honorably Discharged from the Marines in 2012 Mike returned to his hometown of Houston, TX before moving to Traverse City, MI in 2015. Three years after separating, Mike was still struggling with his own challenges only to run into the hurdles of finding affordable housing in or around Traverse City full-on.

While working as a Detention Officer and a 911 Dispatcher for several years after his military service Mike held onto his passion for civil service and helping his fellow veterans. While attending Northwestern Michigan College Mike was elected as the Treasurer for the Student Veterans of America. He also became heavily involved in other non-profit and for-veteran groups in the area. (These include Reining Liberty Ranch, 222NONE, and more)

All these experiences led to the creation of Veterans Housing USA, INC. A non-profit organization dedicated to bringing affordable housing for veterans to Traverse City and the rest of Northern Michigan.


The Barracks

By offering dormitory-style housing exclusively for veterans, Veterans Housing USA, INC. aimed to create an environment for our service members that is familiar, supportive, and affordable. “The Barracks” project was Traverse City’s solution to a very real issue. Unfortunately, it was far too large of a project for us to tackle at this time. However, we do still plan to accomplish a project just like that. Let’s call it our ‘Everest’!